As I stand at the window watching another mass of cloud blot out the sun, I find myself daydreaming about the paradise I left behind when my honeymoon in Mauritius came to an end earlier this year. I don’t think I have ever been so sad as to step on a plane and head back for northern European weather and culture after such a romantic start to my married life.


Something addictive

There’s something about a holiday in Mauritius that really gets under the skin; it would be too much of a cliché to say it was the inspirational beaches, the relaxation, the culture or the people. Yes, of course, it is a combination of all these things but somehow there seems to be something extremely enticing and somewhat addictive about this tropical paradise and I would love to return to celebrate our first anniversary and every one after that if I am honest!

Choosing the right hotel

Holidays in Mauritius have changed considerably since tourists first started visiting the island and it is now a destination which caters for everyone and it’s easy to book a hotel which appeals directly to the kind of person you are or occasion you wish to celebrate. After all, our holidays these days are well-earned breaks which are often difficult to coordinate with all the other relentless calls on our time. As a consequence it is important to make every second away from the daily grind count and choosing the right hotel is probably one of the most important decisions you will make, especially if it’s a honeymoon. Well, after choosing the right partner obviously.

There are so many to consider it is difficult to make a decision, but spending time doing just that will allow you to make the very best of that precious time away. I’m afraid I can’t offer any insurance against how you might feel at the sight of low cloud and winter rain on your return, but at least your memories will be worth replaying repeatedly.

Dinarobin Hotel

The Dinarobin Hotel for example is an absolute heart stopper and not only was it beautiful, but offered us every indulgence and was an extraordinarily romantic and memorable honeymoon destination, sigh, and I have treasured memories of watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean; this resort really is something truly special.

By the way, if you wish to sea the sun set, your hotel will need to be situated on the west side of the island, otherwise you’ll have to make your way there yourself. If you are a romantic early bird and wish to see the sun rise, you’ll have to be on the east side obviously.  The Dinarobin Hotel is at Le Mourne, on the south-west corner of the island.

Indian Resort and Spa

Still, some of us love the security of knowing everything is paid for and there is nothing to worry about regarding drink or restaurant bills after a holiday to the Indian Resort and Spa is booked. This is another stunner where you can relax and/or sail, kite surf or windsurf knowing you are surrounded by a nature reserve and anything you might possible wish for.

The Saint Géran

Others however, enjoy the idea of a hotel that just gives them somewhere to sleep, perchance to dream, shower and change. The Saint Géran, fits the bill as it offers bed and breakfast and is surrounded by palm trees and lush gardens and its own lagoon one side of the hotel, there’s even a calm bay awaiting on the other side. It offers a brilliant base from which to explore and enjoy the whole of Mauritius.


If any of these possibilities sounds like your kind of thing, then there are plenty of tailor-made hotels in Mauritius which will allow you to make the most of your time away; places where you can down tools and give yourself up body and soul to those whose only aim is to look after your every whim for the duration of this break. Enjoy it while you can!

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