You’ve booked your flight, your accommodation, even your car rental and dug around for things to do in Mauritius, hopefully on this site. Did you forget anything? That’s right: travel insurance!

For those planning the trip of a lifetime to Mauritius, one thing that may not have registered on the planning radar is to purchase adequate travel insurance.  Whilst admittedly not one of the most fun parts of holiday preparations, travel insurance ensures that you and your travel companions are fully protected against most eventualities.

A holiday to Mauritius entails very often a long-haul flight due to the remoteness of the island in the middle of the ocean.  If you are not so young anymore, long-haul flights could present some health hazard to you, in particular the formation of blood clots.

In addition, if you fly from Europe, you will be crossing over Africa. If your plane needs to land for any emergency reason, you could be exposed to local diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

So it pays to have a solid travel insurance.

As with everything there are potential pitfalls to be aware of when looking for travel insurance; by taking the following in to consideration you can enjoy peace of mind whilst experiencing an amazing holiday.

Disclose Medical Conditions

Having a pre-existing medical condition can sometimes make it difficult to get travel insurance, with some insurers not wanting to take the risk of insuring you or raising their premiums through the roof.  However, it is extremely important to disclose your medical history with your travel insurance company, as if a claim arises due to an undisclosed medical condition you may not be covered.

List all Travel Destinations

This won’t apply if you are only planning to visit Mauritius, however if you are travelling on from there you will need to ensure that when booking your travel insurance you include all the destinations you are visiting.  For example, you may plan to take a further trip to nearby Reunion island – this would need to be included on your insurance policy to make sure you’re fully covered.

Types of Insurance Policy

There are three main types of travel insurance policy:

  • single trip;
  • annual multi trip and
  • long stay.

Single trips are pretty self-explanatory, as they cover you for one trip.  Annual multi trips are common for those who travel more than once a year, as people can save a fair bit of money instead of purchasing multiple single trip policies throughout the year.  Long stay travel insurance is perfect for those who want to get away from it all for an extended period of time, which is usually between 3 and 18 months. Have a look at what Top Dog insurance offers.
So when planning your holiday to Mauritius, make sure that your travel insurance policy covers everything that you need it to, paying special attention to any pre-existing medical conditions.  All that remains is to have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday!

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