Exhilarating mountainous landscapes, rolling valleys, a dormant volcano and easily accessible waterfalls are just some of the treats in store for the adventurous visitor. Add to this the stunning beaches and the idyllic weather,  visitors can thoroughly experience this tropical island. Here’s exacty how and where.

Mountains and Valleys

Lush sugarcane fields

No visit to Mauritius is complete without some exploration of its breath-taking landscapes – verdoyant mountains and lush tropical valleys. Since Mauritius is located near the Tropic of Capricorn, it enjoys a tropical climate. While the cliffs are rugged, the mountain peaks are dense with tropical flora and fauna. Sugarcane grows on the plateaus and the valleys are filled with attractive botanical growth. A naturalist’s dream, Mauritius seems designed for scenic explorations. The Black River Gorges National Park is a good starting point to experience all this. It is situated in the southern central part and is high up on the plateau. The area is very humid.

Experience the Cascades

One of the greatest features about Mauritius is that its natural beauty is so well protected. With near pristine air quality and untouched landscapes, the country is known for its air of enchantment. Fast-flowing rivers and abrupt terrains often give rise to waterfalls. Most visitors to Mauritius are keen to visit its highest waterfall—Cascade Chamarel—at 127 meters. The village of Chamarel is also known for its  ‘moonscape,’ an intriguing surface area reminiscent of the surface of the moon but made up of coloured earth. Rochester Falls are also essential to see and experience—many people are known to jump into the pool below when the water is deep enough for such an adventure.

Volcanic Experience

Located in the middle of the city of Curepipe, Trou aux Cerfs was once upon a time an active volcano, but today it is a magnificent landmark. A popular tourist attraction, the top of the volcano, affords spectacular views. Many people drive to the top, which is 650 meters high. You can even see the lights on neighbouring Reunion Island on a clear night. The more adventurous might want to try and get down in the crater where there is a stagnant pool of water at the bottom.

The Beaches

Of course, with the crystal blue waters surrounding Mauritius and its outlying islands, it’s perfectly reasonable to spend as much time as possible enjoying the splendid coasts and beaches. While some tourists love swimming with dolphins, others can scuba-dive or snorkel to explore the beautiful undersea world. From its dazzling blue lagoons to its exciting water sports, the waters surrounding Mauritius are among its most famous attractions. Simply walking the coast, you’ll have splendid vistas of the mountains above and the sunsets blazing out at sea. Visit Mauritius with Club Med, for instance, and you’ll experience some of the island’s most extraordinary sandy beaches.

Soaking in the sun while lying on the beach

Magical Islands

While Mauritius is resplendent and hosts a wealth of natural beauty, many visitors make a point to visit the smaller islands off its coast, One of them, Ile aux Cerfs, is a famously paradisiacal spot, complete with turquoise waters and a wolrd-class golf course. Anyone looking for enchanting beaches will find them on this glorious little island.

Mauritius also affords other wonderful activities and attractions, such as horse racing in winter and cultural tours, but its natural scenery typically steals the show. Holidaymakers will find that Mauritius answers every dream for a tropical holiday and will likely prove to be an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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