Getting away for a holiday can be very much needed for a lot of people and a good break can help to reduce the stress of working life. There are a number of things that many people will look for in a foreign holiday but the most important issue is great weather. With the changeable and often depressing weather at home, it is only natural that people will want to swap the wind and the rain for consistently warm temperature throughout the year.

Enjoying the Mauritian Weather

The climate alone makes Mauritius an ideal holiday destination but there are many other reasons to head to the island that is found just off the Madagascar coast. In addition to the great weather, Mauritius is able to help people feel as though they are staying in the lap of luxury. Some holidays are about having fun and partying all night every night but a break in Mauritius is definitely a much more exclusive break. It used to be that you needed an awful lot of money to afford a stay in Mauritius but there are more options available for people who are looking to take a holiday in one of the finest destinations known to man.

Massive blue marlin caught off the coast of Mauritius

Staying Active

Mauritius is not a culture-vulture destination. Instead, there are plenty of physical activities to enjoy, most of them outdoors to make the most of the weather. Forget Algarve, this island is perfect for golf fans with a number of stylish and exclusive gold courses. Whether you take your own clubs or you hire a set when you are over there, Mauritius is one of the greatest places a golfer can play. If you fancy a bigger challenge, the deep sea fishing opportunities available in Mauritius, with the option to fish for marlin, barracudas and sharks will be a great attraction. There are plenty of other sporting activities on offer, such as tennis, so staying in shape may not the biggest problem but then again, there are a great number of dining opportunities.


With fresh seafood being a local speciality, there is a lot to enjoy but holidaymakers will also find cuisine from around the world in Mauritius. Even fussy eaters will be able to make the most of their stay while dining in some of the best restaurants in the world. Read more here on traditional dishes of Mauritius.

Romantic destination

The quiet and exclusive nature of Mauritius makes it a perfect place for honeymooning couples. There is a very romantic feel to this location and a newlywed couple will find that married life gets off to the best possible start with this sort of break. With luxurious hotels, stunning beaches and plenty of spa options, a holiday in Mauritius with Best At Mauritius can provide a trip that will live long in the memory.

No matter what you are looking for from a holiday, Mauritius can be exactly what you are looking for. Now find the best time to visit the island.

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