Mauritius received the prestigious World Leading island Destination award from the World Travel Awards.

The organisation met this 12 January 2012 in Doha, Qatar with many big names from the industry of travel for the Grand Final Gala of the World Travel Awards 2011.

3rd time in a row!

If there was ever any doubts as to the status of Mauritius on the world travel scene, these have been well and truly dispelled as the 2011 award is the third time in a row that the country wins this title, ahead of tough competitors such as the Seychelles and Maldives.

Best beach too

And if this is not enough, Mauritius also won the title of World’s Best Beach with that of Trou aux Biches against famous beaches such as Cancun, Bora Bora in the Pacific and Key West in the USA. In addition, Mauritius also won numerous other awards within the Indian Ocean category such as best hotel and best cruise port. At the international level, Mauritius was nominated for the World’s best honeymoon destination and even in the World’s Leading destination category, which was won by India.

Mauritius has claimed its place on the world scene in travel and has been acclaimed more than once or twice for what it has to offer holidaymakers. And of course, if you don’t believe it, come and experience it for yourself! If the beach is not enough to lure you, how about Mauritian food?


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