Coastal view of Mauritius

Did you know that Mauritius is becoming a popular cruise destination? The lack of severe winter and the abundance of sun all year round make it a popular choice for a cruise destination. Just remember though, that if you sail there during the summer months from December until May, you may encounter cyclones; your cruise ship will of course make a detour which might add to the excitement. invites you on a little tour of this island.


The capital and only port in Mauritius is Port Louis; the combination of both makes it a very busy place. On one side you will find the sea and on the other, a mountain range, unimaginatively called the Port-Louis and Moka Range, Moka being the village on the other side of the mountains. Port-Louis is nestled in this small space between sea and mountains. Port and island capital all-in-one squeezed in this tiny enclosure which you can cover on foot makes for a bustling environment. Port-Louis is also one of the hottest place on this already hot island.

Things to do in Port-Louis

What can you find in the capital? You will find the largest market in the country as well as the largest mosque – Jummah Mosque – and Chinatown should you fancy some Chinese food, although this is widely available throughout the country. Other attractions include The old Post Office colonial building, the Natural History Museum – the oldest in the country – which feature a stuffed dodo and the Company Gardens known locally as le Jardin de la Compagnie, a haven of greenery and cool space. Many office workers spend their lunch hours there. Consequently, this has attracted many sellers of hot food and ice-creams so if you fancy some local food and a bit of fresh air, head over there.

Port Louis still feature traces of its colonial past, seen in its museums, churches and in the architecture of many other buildings such as the Port Louis Theatre, one of the oldest in the southern hemisphere. This brings to mind the Champ de Mars racecourse, the oldest in the whole of the southern hemisphere. This horse-racing track is situated on the outskirt of the city and horse-racing takes place on Saturdays.

Find more things to do here in Port-Louis and the rest of Mauritius:

Island exploration

Beyond Port Louis, you’ll find plenty of hands-on activities to keep you busy: hike past waterfalls and volcanic lakes in Black River Gorges National Park, see the black sand beach at Sable Noir or visit the popular seaside resort of Grand Baie. You took a ship to reach this island, now take a catamaran to tour the small islands off the north coast for a a fun day out. You’ll find plenty of companies offering this activity.

On the west coast, take another boat trip in the lagoon spotting dolphins and beautiful coastal scenery, including the iconic Le Mourne Brabant Mountain on the south-west corner of the island. Or simply jump in the warm sea for a swim or some watersports.

With a lush green unspoilt vegetation in the centre, white sandy beaches on the coasts and emerald green lagoons surrounding them, Mauritius will live up to its reputation for being a tropical paradise. If all these activities prove too much for you, just lie back on the beach under the coconut trees and relax while sipping a local rum. Does the distance prove too much for you? Then don’t leave Europe and look for cruises from Barcelona; there are plenty of last minute cruise deals to be had.

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