On sea water

If you like tropical islands like we do, then what better way to get your fill of them than by island-hopping? And if you like to travel in style, a cruise is just what you need for that.

Cruise appeal

Set sail to some of the most beautiful islands in the world, in the Mediterranean among the Greek Islands, in the Caribbean or as far as the Galapagos in the Pacific and drink in beautiful sceneries of the sea merging with the sky, the bright sun shining on the sparkling sand and the warm wind in your face. Make your way from island to island and go ashore to explore inland when you feel like it. If you are a romantic at heart, don’t miss the sunset when the sun drops into the sea and gets extinguished, followed by rapid darkness all around. Peace and quiet can be yours in your own private cabin.
The beauty of a cruise lies not only in being whisked leisurely from island to island but also being entertained on board. The cruise staff will treat you as if you are in a hotel while there are all sort of entertainment to make the time go by until the next port of call. From restaurants to casinos, nightclubs to swimming pools, bars to spa treatments, you can get quickly captivated.

Practical tips

• Cruises nowadays are no longer stuffy, formal affairs full of aristocrats. Dress casually and comfortably according to the weather. There might be nights where formalwear (black tie) is required, but this is for the enjoyment of passengers in order to provide them with a different experience and is restricted to specific venues only. You will always find an optional event to attend dressed casually or be able to simply lounge by the pool.
• Cruises last typically 7 or 14 nights but some may last as long as 3 months.
• It is always advisable to have travel insurance and this applies to cruises as well, even though you have less chance of your luggage going amiss.
• You should also bring your passport and make sure you have any necessary visa for the destinations you will visit. Cruises typically call on more than one destination and visit several countries so you’ll have to check if you need a visa for each country.
• Vaccinations might be recommended depending on the destinations. As usual, check with your doctor.

Get these small details right and you’ll have a trouble-free stay on and off the cruise ship, going from one island to another like a bee goes from flower to flower.

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