There are many things one can do during a holiday. In Mauritius, one of the main attractions is the beach. Many tourists will simply enjoy spending time getting a little R&R on the beach under the sun and working on their tan. However, for others who seek a more active holiday, we are pleased to share with them this free downloadable guide in PDF to print and take with them to the island.

Download it here.

In the air

In this guide, you will find the addresses and contact details of local Mauritian businesses and a description of their services and products.

For a bird’s eye view of the island and the thrill of the air, there is nothing better than kite surfing and paragliding which you will find in the guide. Also featured is sky diving with the ability to immortalise this experience in pictures.

On the ground

If you feel airsick, especially after the long flight to the country, then get the address for some gentle horse riding or rack up the intensity with zip lining, mountain biking, hiking and Nepalese bridges.

No trip would be complete without a safari – several addresses are included – and there is even the opportunity for a hunting trip too.

In the water

Mauritius being an island, there is no shortage of water activities.

Find out where you can dive around the island; you can even dive beyond the reefs or do a little spot of night diving to catch sleeping fish! Island hopping, underwater exploration and big game fishing are all waiting for you.

Mauritius is world-renown for having some of the best fishing grounds off its coast and is home to many of the world’s big game fishing competition such as the Marlin world cup.

In the guide, you’ll even find how to do a little underwater driving with the self-propelled Scuba-Doo vehicle.

Find a gym in Grand Bay or a café on the beachfront to wind down afterwards.

Local businesses

If you are a local Mauritian business operating in the tourist sector and have a service or product you would like to promote in the guide, then it’s free for you to advertise. You will be able to add your pictures, description and contact details. Simply get in touch with us.

The guide is made available on several Mauritius travel websites for holidaymakers to download and has been put together by Holidays Please, a leading UK holiday company. We are pleased to team up with them to bring this guide to you.

Download the free guide now.

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