When you think of holidaying in an exotic destination, Mauritius is one place that often springs to mind. This beautiful archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a much sought after holiday hotspot, largely due to its stunning scenery. With many islands including St. Brandon, Agalega and Rodrigues making up Mauritius there is the opportunity to indulge and explore many different areas. And with the island catering to holidaymakers with indulgent and lavish hotels and resorts, along with a range of great attractions, any trip to Mauritius will offer quintessential paradise. Read on for a few places not to miss or visit our page on things to do in Mauritius.

With a modern infrastructure and great transport links one of the best ways to explore the islands of Mauritius is to use car rentals. Whilst you may not think this is particularly exotic at first, having the ability to hop in an air conditioned car whilst travelling to attractions rather than having to pay for cabs or take public transport is definitely a luxury. And being able to go where you want, when you want, will give you a freedom like no other means of transport whilst you’re away can offer.

City escape – Port Louis

With your travel catered for, there are a great range of attractions and sights to see other than simply indulging in glorious spas and the tropical beaches of white sands swathed in palm trees. For city adventure, one of the top spots is Port Louis which is the capital of Mauritius. The port metropolis has several different cultural influences, particularly French, which adds to its exotic feel. Le Caudan Waterfront is a thriving and modern area of the city where you can find shopping, cuisine and nightlife, and it’s a great region of the city to explore if you like the bustle of everyday life. Meanwhile, Fort Adelaide is beautiful sight to behold, with the ancient edifice being stunningly outlined by mountains.

Close to nature

There is the fantastic opportunity to get back to nature in Mauritius and you’ll find parks, nature reserves, and even swimming with dolphins are activities you can indulge in. Pamplemonsses Garden is a major attraction of the islands, and not only features several rare and native plants but has Pierre Poivre’s exotic château in its grounds. Some of the 300 year old original botanical garden features established by the French governor can still be seen, and if you want to see palm trees, lilies and Java deer, this park is fantastic. Meanwhile, La Vanille’s Crocodile Park is an exciting attraction, which is styled as a tropical rainforest and is home to Nile crocodiles. And for bird enthusiasts, Casela Bird Park is home to 140 bird species singing amongst beautiful scenery.

With a lavish location, you may find it hard to even move from the spa, pool or beach that you’re indulging in. However, exploring what Mauritius has to offer will give you an exotic break with many memories to last a lifetime. L’Etoile Nature Reserve, Black River George, and Ile Aux Cerfs Island are all magnificent spots to visit if you have time. And by enjoying both relaxation and local attractions, you’ll ensure that your Mauritian trip is your most exotic trip ever.

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