A guide to choosing the right villa in Mauritius

A guide to choosing the right villa in Mauritius

Find out what you need to look for when choosing a villa for your next stay on the island of Mauritius to make sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Passionate kiss after a beach wedding in Mauritius

Why couples choose Mauritius to honeymoon

Find out what else couples do on a honeymoon in Mauritius, apart from spending time on the beach…

Soaking in the sun while lying on the beach

5 outdoor activities not to miss in Mauritius

Some of the best activities you should experience if you ever go to Mauritius; hitting the beach is just one of them.

Massive blue marlin caught off the coast of Mauritius

Top 4 reasons to visit Mauritius

Here are some of the ebst reasons to visit the island, the topmost being the all-year round warm weather of course.

Drastic flooding in the capital of Mauritius

Flash Flooding in the Capital of Mauritius, Again

A month after severe flooding in Port-Louis, heavy rain causes flooding again, this time with the loss of lives. What caused such rapid rise in the level of water and what can be done to stay safe?

Lounging on the beach in Waikiki, Hawaii

Luxury island getaway choices

What makes a luxury island holiday? Your own private island? Extravagant hotels? Pampering to the extreme? Find out here what you can choose for a truly luxury island getaway.

Coconut trees along the coast

Mauritius in the top 10 again

6th top long-haul destination worldwide for Mauritius. New York makes it to the top spot.

Couple hugging at sunset on the beach

Some hotels for a romantic stay in Mauritius

Whether it’s for a honeymoon, wedding or to celebrate an anniversary, here are a few hotel suggestions to make your stay more romantic.

Celebrity marketing for the MTPA – why it’s wrong

Miss England is not the prestigious event it’s purported to be and doesn’t attract much attention.

Gateau piment or chilli cakes

5 traditional food dishes to try in Mauritius

You can’t leave Mauritius without sampling the local food. Here’s what to look for.

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